Vistage is an invitation only organization, with new members typically nominated by existing members or Vistage chairs. Great care is taken to ensure that groups are comprised of leaders from diverse industries and from companies that are not in direct competition with one another. Innovative ideas often come from outside of one’s own industry or expertise, and peer advisory groups are most effective when everyone has someone in the group whom they can learn from. Over the last 50 years, we have refined our selection process to assure that new members are placed in groups where they can both learn and contribute. As a result, the average tenure for members in Vistage chief executive groups led by high performing chairs is 9.5 years.

Steps to becoming a member:

1) Contact me to express your interest

2) Meet with me to become acquainted and see if Vistage is a good fit.

3) Talk with our Vistage regional membership director to identify a group that best fits your needs

4) Complete an interview with me or another chair for membership in the identified group

5) Confirm that the selected group is a good fit by attending a peer group meeting.


We will have a couple of open seats in each group, and we are looking to fill them with people who want to grow their companies, grow their people, and grow themselves. If you own or run a successful business, and want to surround yourself with talented executives who can make you and your company better, call me at 612.877.1234.



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